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Congrats! You've hired your top candidate!

But, now what?

At N-GATE, we ask two simple questions before evaluating and implementing a compensation package:


Having answers to these core questions will allow our clients to better understand the true needs of their compensation package and what changes need to be made in order to remain competitive in the current employment market. 


How can N-GATE help?

Here at N-GATE, we are confident in our ability to assess our clients' business size, policies, and job descriptions in an effort to provide informed and effective compensation packages that help retain top talent while reflecting the company culture.  As part of our consultation package, you will benefit from our full HR service capabilities, which includes the ability to create Individual Development Plans (IDPs) that will provide employees with a valuable career and personal development tools.  

Let us help you retain your top talent BECAUSE of your company culture.

2. Have you evaluated your current employee's growth opportunities?  And are they aware of such?

1. How does your compensation package reflect your company culture?

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