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N-GATE' s mission is to help businesses navigate HR challenges without losing their intended business culture.


That company culture, just like profit, is the center stage of all business operations.


Lead with Intention and Integrity.

Perform with Passion.

Quality Results & Accountability.



Allison Ngategize

 Founder, Chief Executive Officer


Athena Samuel

Partner,  Chief Financial Officer

Allison is an experienced and passionate HR professional who excels at helping companies navigate HR challenges to achieve their objectives. She specializes in working with growing companies to establish HR departments and implement policies that reflect their unique culture. Allison is known for her approachability and problem-solving skills, and is committed to staying up-to-date with the latest HR trends and best practices. Overall, she is a trusted and results-driven HR consultant who adds value to any organization seeking HR guidance

Athena is a skilled consultant who specializes in helping small to mid-sized organizations adopt innovative management techniques to exceed client expectations. With a diverse range of experience in Human Resources, Project Management, Operations, Marketing, and Management Consulting, Athena brings a wealth of knowledge to her consulting engagements. She is passionate about providing guidance to organizations that enables them to succeed in their respective industries.

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